New Music USA’s Amplifying Voices Announces the Addition of Two Composers to Co-Commission Roster

New Music USA’s Amplifying Voices program has announced the addition of two composers to its existing roster of nine working on high-profile co-commissions. The newly selected composers are Katherine Balch and Clarice Assad. Katherine Balch will compose a work co-commissioned by lead orchestras, the New York Philharmonic and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, while Clarice Assad’s composition will be premiered by the {…}

New Music USA’s Amplifying Voices Announces First of Nine New Co-Commissioned Works to Premiere Spring-Summer 2022

New Music USA Amplifying Voices program, which fosters collaboration toward racial and gender equity in new orchestral music, has announced the first of nine new co-commissioned works by women and BIPOC composers to be performed by over thirty orchestras across the United States. The orchestras will present the works over three years, from 2022 to 2025. The first of the {…}