Artist of the Week: Xabier Anduaga

(Credit: Elena Cherkashyna) Tenor Xabier Anduaga has been around for a couple of years singing throughout Europe. But this past summer, he announced himself to the opera world at {…}

Opera Meets Film: How ‘Watchmen’ Questionably Mimics ‘Apocalypse Now’s’ Use of The Ride of the Valkyries

“Opera Meets Film” is a feature dedicated to exploring the way that opera has been employed in cinema. We will select a section or a film in its entirety, highlighting the impact that utilizing the operatic form or sections from an opera can alter our perception of a film that we are viewing. This week’s installment features Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen.” {…}

Opera Quiz: Even Joan Sutherland Fanatics Will Be Stumped By This Quiz On The Soprano’s Career

(Credit: Allan Warren) Dame Joan Sutherland was born on Nov. 7, 1926. The great Australian soprano would go on to conquer an entire generation of opera lovers with her flawless {…}

Opera Meets Film: ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Retells Gounod’s ‘Faust’ From A Hitler Youth’s Imaginative Perspective

“Opera Meets Film” is a feature dedicated to exploring the way that opera has been employed in cinema. We will select a section or a film in its entirety, highlighting the impact that utilizing the operatic form or sections from an opera can alter our perception of a film that we are viewing. This week’s installment features Taika Watiti’s “Jojo Rabbit.” On first instance, “Jojo Rabbit” is as weird a film as its title suggests. We are following around a young boy Jojo as he tries to make his way into the Nazi ranks. Goading him on his imaginary friend Hitler, a cartoony, fun-loving, father figure to the inexperienced boy. Nazis and their rules and regulations are {…}

Opera Meets Film: How Joon-Ho Bong’s ‘Parasite’ Develops Ironic Narrative Through Handel’s ‘Rodelinda’


Les Arts Florissants Take Audiences On Intense Journey Through The Sacred Madrigals of Carlo Gesualdo

(Photo credit: Paula Lobo) The MetLiveArts series hosted Les Arts Florissants and Musical Director Paul Agnew at The Met Cloisters for a special performance that featured the sacred madrigals of Carlo Gesualdo. “Tribulationem et dolorem,” “Répons de l’Office des Ténèbres du Jeudi Saint,” and “Miserere mei Deus” are some of Gesualdo’s most impactful compositions that are part of a concert {…}