Artist of the Week: Julia Rutigliano

This past month the Salzburg Landestheater premiered a new production of “Aida” with a cast of rising stars and well-established singers. Now as the production {…}

Callas Casual: An Off-Duty-ish Day in the Company of La Divina

(Callas enshrouded in reporters. Credit: Maurice Zalewski/ADOC photos)   Vignettes of onstage outtakes are aplenty. Daily shots of the soprano, less so. Here’s a peek into Maria’s typical excursions—culinary and sartorial; social and cultural—on a work(not really)less day. Coruscating like the crystalline intrusion of a cocktail dress’ brooch asparkle in a parking lot; a spotlight pooling blindness onto “Poliuto”‘s Paolina; {…}

Starring ‘The Inalienable Property of Genius’: Maria Callas’ Celestial Onstage Quests

(Callas greeting fans. Credit: © Archiv Lebeck.) Editor’s Note: In anticipation of the release of  “The Callas Imprint: A Centennial Biography” on  Dec. 2, {…}

Opera Meets Film: Rossini’s Beloved Barber in Chuck Jones’ ‘The Cat Above and the Mouse Below’

As the day opens up and the bustle of Seville begins to come to life, the barber makes his grand entrance with his mighty welcoming melody announcing his presence before his body {…}