The opera world is as diverse as it has ever been. With an ever-shifting international audience of all ages and all interests, finding out a way to reach the right audience or target base can be increasingly challenging. After all, there aren’t many places online that can bring together opera fans all of kinds from all over.

Who are we?

Per Forbes, OperaWire is considered a “leading industry publication.” We work hand-in-hand with companies and artists to provide up-to-date coverage on the opera world, garnering a readership spread across the entire world in over 170 countries on a monthly basis.

Our goal is to continue developing those and new relationships to become the opera world’s go-to publication.

Why work with us?

We want you to reach your particular target market and consumer base and we have the means to do it. OperaWire offers organizations the opportunity to purchase ads that are targeted specifically to their audiences, regardless of location. Do you want to target people in just one city? Or state? Country? Continent? We can do it by accommodating your budgetary requirements.

What do we offer?

We offer geotargeted ads directly on the website to whatever community, state, country, or region of your choice. We can also offer global campaigns if you hope is to reach out to everyone throughout the 170 countries that read OperaWire every month.

Additionally, we also offer up e-blast campaigns via our newsletter. We offer placements on our widely read Friday addition that recaps the weekly news or a personalized e-blast dedicated solely to your message. Or we can do a package deal that includes both. Our newsletter currently includes over 18,000 subscribers with dozens joining on a weekly basis from around the world.

Finally, we offer up sponsored campaigns via our social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here are some organizations that have collaborated with us.