Gina May Walter & Georg A. Bochow Lead World Premiere of Robot Opera ‘R.U.R.’ in Berlin

(Credit: Nicola Oberlinger) The Theater im Delphi in Berlin has announced the upcoming world premiere of Frank Witzel’s opera “R.U.R” based on the famed playwright “Rossums Universal Robots” by Karel Čapek. Čapek’s play is considered a blueprint for quite a bit of 20th century science fiction and still reflects current themes such as economic and ecological catastrophes as well as {…}

American Opera Project & NYU Tisch School of the Arts to Present ‘Undiscovered Countries’

The American Opera Project and the NYU Tisch School of the Arts has announced “Undiscovered Countries.” The series, which will world premiere on Dec. 2, 2021, features three 30-minute filmed operas written during 2020. First up will be Willem Oosthuysen and Tristen Moseley’s “Eternal Rest,” which sees a horse-headed priest leading a Catholic Requiem. I-Chen Wang directs. Next up is {…}

Bampton Classical Opera to Present ‘Monteverdi Christmas Vespers’

Bampton Classical Opera has announced that it will present “Monteverdi Christmas Vespers” on Dec. 12, 2021 at St. Mary’s Church in Bampton, Oxfordshire. The showcase will feature the Bampton Classical Voices under conductor Andrew Griffiths performing music by Monteverdi, interspersed with motets by Croce, Grandi, G. Gabrielli, A. Gabrielli, Merulo, and Bassano aimed at telling the Christmas story. This is {…}

Joanne Evans & Micah Gleason to Present ‘The Fragile Femme’

Vocalist Joanne Evans and Micah Gleason will present “The Fragile Femme” on Dec. 6, 2021 at the Senate Garage in Kingston, New York. “The Fragile Femme” is a night of immersive chamber music and dance-theater examining femmephobia and female experiences, both historical and contemporary. It features Evans and Gleason in collaboration with pianist Elias Dagher, and additional performances danced and choreographed {…}

Sarasota Opera Artistic Director Victor DeRenzi Honored by Sister Cities Association of Sarasota

On November 7, 2021, Sarasota Opera and Artistic Director Victor DeRenzi was honored with the One World Award from the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota at a gala event. Maestro DeRenzi was recognized for “enhancing peace, understanding, and respect among citizens of the world through his extraordinary achievements.” He is the only conductor to have performed all the works of {…}