New Music USA Unveils 2023 Organizational Fund Awardees

By Chris Ruel

New Music USA has announced its 2023 Organization Fund Awardees to 85 creators across the nation.

The fund, totaling $620,750, goes to outstanding organizations the work and support the development of music creators and artists that offer a crucial resource to their community.

Over 500 entities expressed interest during this year’s grant application process. Those awarded are notable for their ongoing commitment to their local community of artists and music enthusiasts. The list of awardees spans a range of entities, including music groups, performance teams, dance organizations, festivals, event coordinators, and venue operators.

In an official press release, Scott Winship, Director of Grantmaking Programs at New Music USA, stated, “We believe supporting locally focused organizations across the US is crucial to building a sustainable future for music creation. It has been moving to explore the inspirational work of this year’s awardees and applicants, and we are proud to support these 85 organizations doing impactful work across the musical spectrum. We can’t wait to see the dynamic projects they bring to life in their communities.”

Applicants were asked to choose their preferred funding opportunity, which included General Support, Creation of New Work, and Live Music for Dance.

Awards went to the following vocal/opera organizations.

Creation of New Work Awardees

General Support Awardees