About OperaWire

Opera is not dying, nor does it need to be saved. In fact, if anything, it is undergoing a unique transformation around the world. Our main mission with OperaWire is to shine a spotlight on all the amazing people nurturing and developing the art form today.

Over the last few years, we have offered the latest news from around the world while also providing readers with greater insight through interviews with prominent artists, reviews and other unique features (quizzes, artist profiles, editorials, essays).

We want to thank all of our readers for their support throughout these years and look forward to your feedback in hopes of continuing to make OperaWire a destination for those that love this art form as much as we do. And for those that do not, we hope that we can help cultivate the same passion that we have seen grow over the years.

David Salazar (Editor-in-Chief) & Francisco Salazar (Publisher)

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