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Since launching in December 2016, Opera Wire has provided wide-ranging coverage to companies around the world, both big and small. As we look ahead, we want OperaWire to be the ultimate opera experience online with a mobile app, video content and series that will allow opera fans a different perspective on the opera world.

Why Support Us?

Over the past two-and-a-half years, we have managed to keep OperaWire going strong on an advertising model. However, while it has been a steady source of income to this point, our goal is to expand beyond what we currently are. In order to do that, the company itself must have resources to be able to invest in itself, new ideas and technology.

This is why we are turning to you – our loyal readers.

What Your Contribution Does

1. Provide financial backing for the current team so that we may continue to dedicate ourselves fully to OperaWire’s long-term development.

2. Help us invest in new technologies, including improvements to the current website and a mobile app that will provide stronger connectivity for our users through updates.

Our breakdown would be as follows if we were to reach our goals.

60 % Editorial Staff / Freelancers
25% Special Projects (Ie: Mobile App)
10% Operating Costs
5% Marketing / Sales

Thank you!

We want to thank all of our readers and patrons and look forward to your feedback and contributions in hopes of making OperaWire a destination for those that love this art form as much as we do.

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