Los Angeles Opera 2021-22 Review: The First Bluebird in the Morning

LA Opera is no stranger to livestreaming. Since the COVID-19 pandemic first shuttered theaters, they have been at the digital forefront, continuing to provide exceptional performances, albeit in new and exciting ways that worked within stipulated health regulations. But even before the pandemic, in 2019, LA Opera’s imaginative production of “The Magic Flute,” directed by Barrie Kosky, used state-of-the-art projection {…}

Donizetti Opera Festival 2021 Review: C’erano una volta due bergamaschi…

The Donizetti Opera Festival opened with its newly created show, “C’erano una volta due bergamaschi…” The show was headlined by international opera star Alex Exposito and showcased parallels between his career and Donizetti’s. Overall it was a presentation full of stagecraft. When you look at Esposito and Donizetti’s careers, both were born in Bergamo, had bass voices, started their careers {…}