Q & A: Glow Lyric Theatre’s Jenna Tamisiea Elser On Illuminating the Female Perspective In ‘Carmen’ & Other Works of 2019 Season

Every year, the Glow Lyric Theatre does something that few other opera or musical theatres companies are willing to do – embrace the distinct art forms as siblings and celebrate their unique differences and similarities. For several years the company has put on three shows in its summer season: an opera, an operetta, and a piece of musical theatre. But {…}

Q & A: Sigrid T’Hooft On Directing Broschi’s ‘Merope’ At This Summer’s Innsbruck’s Early Music Festival

(Photo: Jonas Lampens) The great castrato, Carlo Maria Michelangelo Broschi, better known as Farinelli, had such impact on 18th century opera-seria that his fame has lasted down the centuries, so that even today his name remains well-known amongst opera-goers. His older brother, Riccardo Broschi, however is less well-known, few will recognize his name. Yet, during his lifetime he was a {…}