Q & A: Rolando Villazón on Being Fulfilled, the Major Turning Points of His Career & Never Quitting

(Photo: Stéphane Gallois) Through his uniquely compelling performances, Rolando Villazón has firmly established himself as one of the music world’s most critically acclaimed and beloved stars and as one of the leading artistic voices of our day. It was as the winner of several prizes at the “Operalia” Competition in 1999 (including the audience award and the Zarzuela prize) that {…}

Q & A: Daisy Goodwin on How Maria Callas Inspired Her New Book ‘Diva’

(Credit: Francesco Guidicini) Maria Callas left an indelible mark on the opera world and continues to inspire artists around the world. Last year the opera world honored “La Divina’s‘ centennial with numerous celebrations, concerts, books, and documentaries, among many other events. Among those celebrations was award-winning author Daisy Goodwin’s “Diva,” which explores the intimate story of Callas through the heartbreak {…}

Q & A: Martin Glaser on His Directing Style & His Production of ‘The Jacobin’ in Brno

Performances of Antonín Dvořák’s opera “The Jacobin” are certainly rare events, particularly outside the Czech Republic. Whether or not its neglect can be deemed deserved, however, is less certain. Its recent production by the Brno National Theatre, directed by Martin Glaser, would suggest that it has, indeed, been treated unfairly. Sure, it is full of folk melodies, dancing peasants, stock {…}