‘Voices of the African Diaspora’ – Rare Works by Black Composers Showcased by Art Song Colorado

(Photos Courtesy of Pam Chaddon, Chamber Orchestra of the Springs / Taken during rehearsal) Back in February, Eapen Leubner’s Art Song Colorado presented “Voices of the African Diaspora,” a concert dedicated to Black composers throughout the centuries. Audiences had the chance to listen to works by Joseph Bologne, H. Leslie Adams, George Walker, Jessie Montgomery, Andre Myers, and Undine Smith {…}

Q & A: Composer Thomas Cabaniss & Director Malena Dayen on Bringing ‘Firesongs’ to Life

On June 18, 2022, the National Sawdust and Chelsea Factory will present Bare Opera’s production of Thomas Cabaniss’ “Firesongs.” Cabaniss, a South Carolina Native, was an initiator of The Lullaby Project and The Somewhere Project, both at Carnegie Hall, and was the host and composer-in-residence for Carnegie Hall’s Link Up program between 2010-2020. In addition to the dozens of works {…}

Reviving Saint-Saëns’ Lost Masterpiece – Dr. Hugh MacDonald on Collaborating with Odyssey Opera on ‘Henry VIII’

Despite his relatively subdued presence in contemporary performance repertoire, during his time Camille Saint-Saëns was known across the world for his exceptional aptitude and fiercely developed intellect. Having begun life as a piano prodigy and gaining compositional mastery shortly after with his “First Symphony” at the age of only 17, Saint-Saëns is possibly one of France’s most transformative, yet erroneously {…}

Q & A: Gregory Keller on Staging ‘La Bohème’ & Working with the Jacksonville Symphony

On April 29 and May 1, the Jacksonville Symphony will present a semi-staged production of “La Bohème” with world class singers. The semi-staged production will be directed by Gregory Keller, who has helmed acclaimed opera and theater productions across the United States; he recently completed his 26th season as a Guest Stage Director at the Metropolitan Opera. Keller recently spoke with OperaWire about “La Bohème” {…}

Two Lands & an Unquenchable Curiosity – Composer Huang Ruo and his Music

Chinese-born composer Huang Ruo, gifted with the ability to transcend the conventional lines between East and West through aesthetics and cultural symbolism, uses his music to inspire and question assumptions about Western culture, exoticism, and the notion of musical and cultural otherness. Instead of conveying two cultures through music, his compositions are informed by life experiences from two distinct worlds {…}