Q&A: James Conlon, Marlon Daniel, & Maria Todaro on Their Shared Devotion to the Life and Works of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Photo: Bob-Estremera, Bonnie Perkinson, & Tania Baricklo The name and reputation of the revolutionary Classical composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges were once nearly forgotten. Through the work of Los Angeles Opera Music Director James Conlon, Marlon Daniel founder of the Saint-Georges International Music Festival, and stage director Maria Todaro, Bologne is returning to the spotlight. Below these individuals discuss {…}

Q & A: Director Daisy Evans On The Haydn Foundation’s Forthcoming World Premiere ‘Peter Pan’ – The Dark Side’

J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan,” the mischievous, free-spirited child who never grows up, has exerted a hold over children and even many adults for well over 100 years. His adventures set in Neverland, with its array of comic book characters such as Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, the crocodile, the Lost Boys, and Wendy, have fascinated and entertained over the generations. Peter {…}

Q & A: Milica Ilić on her second opera, ‘XX Mono-Opera For Schizophrenic Voice and Tight Strings’

Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, triple-threat (composer/pianist/coach) Milica Ilić (1985 -) sat down with me to discuss her newly premiered opera, XX Mono-Opera For Schizophrenic Voice and Tight Strings, a harrowing tale about alien females from the planet Mnemosyne-369 who have their lives upturned when they receive a mysterious signal from space. Set in the far distance future, the Y chromosome {…}

Q &A: Shulamit Ran, Arthur Fagen & Anne Slovin on Bringing ‘Anne Frank’ to Life in Indiana

On March 3, Indiana University is set to present the world premiere of “Anne Frank” by an all-Jewish team comprising composer Shulamit Ran, librettist Charles Kondek, and conductor Arthur Fagen. Fagen is a professor of music and chair of the Jacobs School of Music Department of Orchestral Conducting and the son of Holocaust survivors. His mother, Rena, was a prisoner in Auschwitz {…}

Q & A: Harold Rosenbaum & William McClelland on Putting Together The New York Virtuoso Singers’ ‘American Invention’

On Sunday, Feb. 19, the New York Virtuoso Singers will present “American Invention,” a concert featuring seven world and New York premieres by such composers as Anthony David, Tania León, Elena Ruehr, Peter Zummo, Edie Hill, William McClelland, and David Paterson. Leading the performance will be conductor Harold Rosenbaum. OperaWire spoke with Rosenbaum and McClelland about the program, how it {…}

Q & A: Composer Tan Dun on Creating ‘Buddha Passion’

Tan Dun is arguably the most famous and influential Chinese composer, having written numerous operas such as “The First Emperor,” “Marco Polo,” “The Peony Pavilion,” and “Tea: A Mirror of Soul.” He has also written film scores (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), organic music, and several classical and symphonic works. And now, there’s “Buddha Passion.” Inspired by the famed Chinese composer’s {…}