Jacqueline – Luna Pearl Woolf Turns Celebrated Cellist’s Story Into an Opera

Credit: Dahlia Katz Composed for only two performers, the first opera written about the life of legendary cellist Jacqueline du Pré received its world premiere this past February in Toronto. Tapestry Opera, the only Canadian company dedicated to the creation, development, and performance of original Canadian operas, presented the first five performances of “Jacqueline” by Luna Pearl Woolf and Pulitzer {…}

A Titan Among Opera Singers – Baritone Michael Hewitt Discusses Fitness, His Appearance on ‘The Titan Games,’ and Opera’s Marketing Challenges

“I am Khumn!” These were the first words ever spoken on stage by baritone Michael Hewitt. The phrase is one you might expect from the Narrator in “Akhnaten” but not in a fifth-grade educational history play about ancient Egypt. According to Hewitt, his entrance was dramatic and well-received. He recounted striding to center stage, dressed from head-to-toe in black and shrouded in dense fog. {…}