Q & A: Paola Prestini & Magos Herrera on Recording ‘Con Alma’

On Dec. 4, Paola Prestini and Magos Herrera released “Con Alma,” an album recorded remotely between March and October 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new release features classic songs from the Mexican and Jazz songbook and over 30 musicians across three continents including the all-women German-based Ensemble Sjaella, Constellation Chor, the Young People’s Chorus of NYC, Mexico’s Orquesta Sinfónica {…}

Q & A: Co-Directors Joel Ivany & Reneltta Arluk on ‘Messiah Complex,’ A Revolutionary Approach to Handel’s Masterpiece

Handel’s “Messiah” is ubiquitous with the holiday season. Everywhere you look, opera companies and major choral ensembles are revving up to showcasing this towering masterpiece. Even the pandemic has not slowed down the tradition, with companies turning to unique approaches to the work as a means of sustaining the holiday spirit. Then there’s the “Messiah Complex,” a collaboration between Against {…}

Q & A: Tenor Brian Giebler on ‘a lad’s love,’ Opera in Times of COVID,

American singer Brian Giebler impresses with his light high-placed tenor and has established a career singing virtuosic and eclectic repertoire, focusing on Baroque and contemporary music, musical theatre, and new opera at once. An active crossover artist, dedicated to the changing landscape of new music, Giebler has performed with The English Concert, The Cleveland Orchestra, Boston Baroque, Boston Early Music Festival, Grand Rapids {…}

Q & A: Khori Dastoor on Opera San Jose’s ‘Three Decembers’ & the World of Opera Streaming

On Dec. 3, 2020, Opera San José will present an innovative fully staged production of Jake Heggie’s vibrant modern opera, “Three Decembers” via streaming. The production will include Maya Kherani, Efraín Solís, and Susan Graham and was filmed at Opera San José’s Heiman Digital Studio following all safety regulations. At the head of the production was General Director Khor Dastoor, {…}

Forging A New Operatic Culture & Identity – Author & Performing Arts Manager Paolo Petrocelli on the Development of Opera in MENA

When the world of opera speaks of its development into the future, that evolution usually centers on conversations taking place in traditional opera settings, including Europe and North America. But the Middle East has not often been a major focal point of that conversation. Paolo Petrocelli, author of “The Evolution of Opera Theatre in the Middle East and North Africa” {…}