Teatro São Luiz 2024: Felizmente Há Luar

(Photo credit: ©EGEAC, José Frade – photographer ) An extraordinary new opera premiered last week at Lisbon’s historic Teatro São Luiz, called “Felizmente Há Luar!” (loosely translatable as “fortunately the moonlight still shines”) by the prolific Portuguese composer Alexandre Delgado. Commissioned by the Orquestra Filarmónica Portuguesa, this was the most significant national opera premiere in recent years, and perhaps the {…}

Roulette Intermedium 2024 Review: Robert Ashley’s ‘Foreign Experiences’

(Photo: Whitney Browne) Brooklyn’s Roulette Intermedium presented Robert Ashley’s “Foreign Experiences” (1994) on Saturday, May 11th, 2024 to an audience full of familiar faces in appreciation of avant-garde and experimental music. This work is part of Ashley’s opera tetralogy, “Now Eleanor’s Idea,” which also includes “Improvement (Don Leaves Linda),” “eL/Aficionado” and the stand-alone opera, “Now Eleanor’s Idea.” I have been {…}

Irish National Opera 2023-24 Review: L’Olimpiade

(Photo: Ros Kavanagh) Intricate and convoluted plots are not exactly rare in operas of the 17th and 18th centuries. Usually revolving around mistaken identities, complex love triangles, misunderstandings and deliberate deceptions that precipitate extreme emotions, their narratives career forward, plunging the protagonists into life-threatening and life-changing situations in which the gods, heroes and mythical characters often play their part. Vivaldi’s {…}