Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège 2021-22 Review: Otello Ossia il Moro di Venezia

The Opera Royal de Liege Wallonie staged a brand-new production of Rossini’s “Otello.” The once-popular opera used to be performed worldwide in Rossini’s time but disappeared from the repertoire completely when Verdi’s “Otello” premiered in 1887. But that wasn’t all. Rossini’s version also fell out of the rotation for the same reasons many bel canto works disappeared: the realism and {…}

Teatro Comunale Pavarotti-Freni Modena 2021 – 2022 Review: ‘Sogno,’ ‘Fuga In Egitto’ & ‘E Tu, Che Sai Tu Del Futuro?’

(Photo: Rolando Paolo Guerzoni) Agitprop is a miserable form of theatre. The creators approach a potential work with a rigid set of ideas they believe it is their duty to convey to a welcoming and grateful public that will reinforce those said values or, even more excitingly, to an audience that is in need of education and enlightenment. Unfortunately, the {…}