Christman Opera Company 2019 Review: An Afternoon of Music for HaitiChildren

On October 26, 2019, Christman Opera Company presented “An Afternoon of Music for HaitiChildren,” a fundraising concert hosted in the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. The program consisted of opera, musical theatre, featuring three new song composed by Theodore Christman from his upcoming musical “Unfolded,” which tells the journey of Susie Scott Krabacher, founder and CEO of HaitiChildren, in her efforts {…}

San Francisco Performances 2019-20 Review: Christian Gerhaher Sings Mahler

(Credit: Clive Barda) Internationally renowned baritone Christian Gerhaher sang Mahler on Tuesday evening at the Herbst Theater, San Francisco alongside noted German pianist Gerold Huber. It was intimacy in a public space, and superb. The range, the expressivity, the pairing of words, music, and thought encapsulated Mahler’s genius beautifully. We go to Mahler’s songs for an intimate exploration of life {…}