Lucia Lucas, Sylvia D’Eramo, Rolando Villazón, Christopher Sokolowski, Vincenzo Neri Headline Theater St. Gallen’s 2023-24 Season

The Theater St. Gallen has unveiled its 2023-24 season. Here is a look at the classical vocal and operatic performances. First up is a performance of “Carmina Burana” featuring Kali Hardwick, Jonah Hoskins, Shea Owens, and Vincenzo Neri. Modestas Pitrenas conducts. Performance Dates: Sept. 8 – Oct. 1, 2023 Rolando Villazón performs in recital alongside Carrie-Ann Matheson. They will deliver {…}

The Atlanta Opera to Present ‘Come as You Are’ Festival Featuring ‘Cabaret’ and the Atlanta Premiere of ‘As One’

The Atlanta Opera, which staged productions in a circus tent during the pandemic, will continue serving up opera in unexpected spaces with “The Come as Your Are” Festival to be held June 2-19, 2022, at the Historic Rail Park at Pullman Yard. Built upon the company’s successful Discoveries Series, the Festival will feature two productions: the musical “Cabaret,” and the {…}

Film Director James Kicklighter & Female Baritone Lucia Lucas Featured as Guests on ‘Tawkin’ with the Roses’

Award-winning film director James Kicklighter and celebrated American baritone Lucia Lucas, were guests on the season finale of “Tawkin with the Roses,” hosted by actor Bonnie Rose and cabaret star Stephen S. Miller (aka Mama Rose). The episode is available on Miller’s website, and across the web on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The show sets up Shout! Studios’ June 1, {…}