Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa 2021 -2022 Review: Il Turco In Italia

(Credit: Teatro Carlo Felice) In 2021 the Teatro Carlo Felice Genova Foundation, under the artistic direction of Francesco Meli, launched its Accademia di Alto Perfezionamento, a course aimed at perfecting and consolidating the skills of young professional singers, with lessons in vocal technique, musical interpretation, and theatrical art, under the guidance of internationally renowned artists, which culminated in the opportunity {…}

Sesto Quatrini Leads Teatro Carlo Felice’s ‘Il Turco in Italia’

The Teatro Carlo Felice is set to present Rossini’s “Il Turco in Italia” with Sesto Quatrini conducting.  Quatrini noted that the “Genoese production we have chosen specifically to highlight the three levels of interpretation as much as possible, with a light-handed approach…the variations and cadenzas for the soloists and the embellishments for the orchestra solos were composed specially for this {…}

Glyndebourne Festival 2021 Review: ‘Il turco in Italia’

Rossini’s operatic world is a crossroads of things: the formal conventions of arias, duets, cavatina, patter number, the stock characters of the Commedia dell’arte, a hotchpotch of contemporary patriarchal and orientalist stereotypes, and reheated scenarios from various librettists. How do modern audiences, relatively unmoored from this world, connect with these shows? A Brilliant Production In this new production of “Il {…}

Julie Fuchs, Paolo Bordogna, Ruzil Gatin & Marko Mimica Headline Teatro San Carlo’s ‘Il Turco in Italia’

The Teatro San Carlo di Napoli has announced it will be streaming Rossini’s “Il Turco in Italia.” Marko Mimica, Julie Fuchs, Ruzil Gatin, and Paolo Bordogna will headline a concert performance on the company’s new streaming channel. Carlo Montanaro will conduct the opera buffa which will also star Alessandro Luongo, Gaia Petrone, and Filippo Adami. The new concert performance comes after {…}