Sesto Quatrini Leads Teatro Carlo Felice’s ‘Il Turco in Italia’

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro Carlo Felice is set to present Rossini’s “Il Turco in Italia” with Sesto Quatrini conducting. 

Quatrini noted that the “Genoese production we have chosen specifically to highlight the three levels of interpretation as much as possible, with a light-handed approach…the variations and cadenzas for the soloists and the embellishments for the orchestra solos were composed specially for this production, these singers, and this orchestra, in full respect of authentic Italian Belcanto tradition.”

He added, “I have decided to present this opera in its full, original version with an additional aria added at the end: Geronio’s aria “Se ho da dirla avrei molto piacere”, and the cabaletta in Fiorilla’s aria in the second act, which originated in the Rome version. I have also chosen to keep Albazar’s aria which is frequently edited out in other productions. The idea is to maintain a tight pace in the narrative, taking Rossini’s characteristic sillabato almost to the extreme and trying, where possible, to link numbers seamlessly to the recitatives.”

The cast will include Omar Cepparolli, Alessandro Abis, Iolanda Massimo, Giulia Scopelliti, Francesco Auriemma, Gianpiero Delle Grazie, Antonio Mandrillo, Dave Monaco, Nicola Zambon, and Janusz Nosek.

Italo Nunziata directs the Rossini work, which will be presented from June 10 to June 16, 2022.