Opera MODO Presents Size & Queer Inclusive Production of “The Little Mermaid”

Opera MODO and Part of Your World Princess Co. LLC are set to give an inclusive performance of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” The production focuses on plus size inclusivity, trans representation, and queer joy. Creatives on the project represent the plus size, transgender, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, LGBTIA+, and drag communities. The cast is composed of Sofia Kirkman (she/her) and Steph {…}

‘Trans, Non-binary, & Gender Diverse Opera & Classical Music Professionals Directory’ Launches on Trans Day of Visibility

(Photo credit: Human Rights Campaign) On Trans Day of Visibility 2024 the “Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse Opera and Classical Music Professionals Directory” goes live. The directory hosted by Opera MODO launches with 25+ international professionals and counting. Developers of the directory are the first True Voice Award winner and Katherine Goforth, Danielle Wright, Bryce McClendon, and Dorian Block – {…}

Opera MODO Launches New Directory for Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse Opera and Classical Voice Professionals

Detroit-based Opera MODO has announced that it will be the first sponsor of a newly publicly accessible online directory of trans, non-binary, and gender diverse opera and classical voice professionals. Per an official press statement issued by the organization the director aims to fulfill the following objectives: Provide opera companies, symphony orchestras, and other arts organizations with a direct list {…}