Opera MODO Launches New Directory for Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse Opera and Classical Voice Professionals

By David Salazar

Detroit-based Opera MODO has announced that it will be the first sponsor of a newly publicly accessible online directory of trans, non-binary, and gender diverse opera and classical voice professionals.

Per an official press statement issued by the organization the director aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Provide opera companies, symphony orchestras, and other arts organizations with a direct list of qualified individuals to consider for roles and positions,

  • Serve as a network for other artists through a clear list of individuals available to connect with for collaboration opportunities,

  • Increase visibility and place-making for the trans community, which is under-represented and historically excluded from the opera and classical music fields, and

  • Allow individuals to self-define work they are interested in, how they want to promote themselves, and identify aligned professional pursuits.

There will be an intake form that allows professionals to fill out information. They will be subsequently contacted to confirm the information.

“Historically, trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse people haven’t been invited to participate in classical music,” said Katherine Goforth (True Voice Award winner), Danielle Wright (Opera MODO), Bryce McClendon (Beyond Travesti podcast), and Dorian Block (OPERA America & Sphinx Leader) in a joint statement. “Our goal is to change that. We knew that we would personally benefit from a searchable, publicly available directory and believe such a resource will facilitate connections between trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse opera and classical voice professionals and organizations. In the future, we hope that there will be a network of arts organizations supporting and using this resource. Each question is phrased with intentionality, asking for responses in the ways we would want to be asked. The directory will be built by and for our community in the ways we choose to engage and contribute. We hope it will help us envision and realize the artistic work that we need to do.”

Opera MODO was founded in 2011 in Princeton, New Jersey, to present both classical and modern opera in unique and modern productions.