‘Trans, Non-binary, & Gender Diverse Opera & Classical Music Professionals Directory’ Launches on Trans Day of Visibility

By Afton Wooten
(Photo credit: Human Rights Campaign)

On Trans Day of Visibility 2024 the “Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse Opera and Classical Music Professionals Directory” goes live.

The directory hosted by Opera MODO launches with 25+ international professionals and counting. Developers of the directory are the first True Voice Award winner and Katherine Goforth, Danielle Wright, Bryce McClendon, and Dorian Block – all trans and non-binary opera and classical music professionals from various disciplines.

The “Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse Opera and Classical Music Professionals Directory” displays individual headshots, names, pronouns, contact information, and industry performance, production, and administrative experience. It is further fully searchable by voice type, gender identity, role-casting gender expression, and a 150-word biography. Interested participants are encouraged to fill out a Google intake form on the Opera MODO.

The directory aims to “Provide opera companies, symphony orchestras, and other arts organizations with a direct list of qualified individuals to consider for roles and positions,” “Serve as a network for other artists through a clear list of individuals available to connect with for collaboration opportunities,” “Increase visibility and place-making for the trans community, which is under-represented and historically excluded from the opera and classical music fields,” and “Allow individuals to self-define work they are interested in, how they want to promote themselves, and identify aligned professional pursuits.”

For a press release the team commented by saying, “We are pleased with the positive response to our open call for participation in this directory and grateful to the organizations that continue to uplift our efforts. This response reflects the great, longstanding need for authentic visibility and self-representation within the opera and classical music industry, especially for Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse professionals. Trans Day of Visibility 2024 comes at a consequential moment for visibility in the wake of the incredible losses our community is suffering. We believe this project will expand the likelihood of positive outcomes for trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse people, serving also as a resource for the presenting companies that employ them. This directory is the first realization in our long-term community-building strategy for making opera and classical music a safe space to show up authentically.”