Karita Mattila Blocks Ildar Abdrazakov on Twitter

By Francisco Salazar

Following an article in Opern News that alleges Ildar Abdrazakov is close to Putin, Karita Mattila has blocked the bass.

The Finnish soprano took to Twitter and said “Just blocked him.”

In a follow-up tweet, she said, “See this, folks. We don’t need this guy and his alikes in Arts world. Block this Russian singer is the Right Thing to do!”

Mattila’s actions come a day after the soprano said, “Have you checked how many of the artists you follow are Putin supporters? Just blocked some that I know. Incredible how many Russians around the world who say they ”don’t support Putin’s war” are still loyal to him. They vote for him. They support him. Disgusting. So. You?”

Mattila has stood with Ukraine since 2014 when the Invasion of Crimea. She made headlines when she refused to sing at a Carnegie Hall concert alongside Gerguev, She said, “they would have either her or Gergiev on stage, not both.”

She eventually performed under Fabio Luisi. At the time she said, “I did the right thing. I can look at myself in the mirror.”

When the War broke out in 2022, Mattila was also critical of Gergiev and praised Carnegie Hall for canceling his contracts.