Teatro Carlo Felice to Present New ‘La Bohème’ Production

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro Carlo Felice Genova will continue its season with Puccini’s “La Bohème.”

The opera, which opens on April 12 and runs through April 21, will celebrate Puccini’s anniversary.

Francesco Ivan Ciampa conducts the production by Augusto Fornari.

The cast will include Anastasia Bartoli, Serena Gamberoni, Galeano Salas, Alessandro Scotto di Luzio, Alessio Arduini, Leon Kim, Benedetta Torre, Maria Novella Malfatti, Gabriele Sagona, Luca Dall’Amico, Pablo Ruiz, and Fernando Cisneros.

In a statement regarding his new production, Fornari said, “It was for fun that I approached opera and it was through a strange game of connections that I found myself directing ‘La bohème.’ And it was with amazement that I seemed to find the “Game” as the driving force behind the story in the dramatic mechanisms of Puccini’s masterpiece. The “Game” the serious one, with a capital G, the one for children, the one that goes to the end, the one that mocks hunger, the cold, poverty, wealth, the bourgeoisie, social patterns, the one that would like to trip even death. Rodolfo and company do nothing but “make fun” of everything with a lightness and distance, as if they were aware of being characters from a novel or from an opera.”