Tapestry Opera Launches Canadian Opera Resource COR

By Logan Martell

Tapestry Opera has announced the launch of COR, the Canadian Opera Resource.

This wiki-style database will allow performers, musicologists, and producers access to Tapestry’s four decades of Canadian opera materials. Canadian creators and producers will be able to add their own works to grow the database, as well as promote it to reach new audiences. Likes and recommendations will lead to smart crowd-sourced lists for arias, duets, operas, and creators.

COR will allow users to research media samples, purchase scores, and secure the rights to perform selections or stage full works.

“This dynamic tool will be a force for not only making Canada’s greatest operas and opera creators more discoverable, but by supporting the works that resonate the most, it will help reinforce the contemporary potential of an artform that suffers from outdated negative stereotypes,” said COR concept creator and General Director Michael Hidetoshi Mon in an official press statement. “Young artists, in particular, will have unique opportunities to find creators and stories that resonate with their experience and world and easily share them with colleagues. What scores previously may have languished in physical collections are now available to be discovered in seconds.”

There will be a launch party on April 28, 2023, held at the Culture, Arts, Media & Education Centre in Bathurst.