OperaVision 2018-19: How To Live Stream ‘Khovanshchina’ From Moscow

Opera Vision will start streaming Mussorgsky’s “Khovanschchina” starting on April 26, 2019. The performance will be broadcast live from the Moscow State Stanislavsky Music Theatre. The gigantic work will feature such artists as Dmitry Ulyanov, Nikolay Erokhin, Najmiddin Mavlyanov, Ksenia Dudnikova, Anton Zaraeva, Denis Makarov, Chingins Ayusheev, Natalia Muradymova, Dmitry Polkopin, and Maria Makeeva, among others. Alexander Titel will direct a {…}

Vienna State Opera 2017-18 Review – Khovanshchina: Satisfaction on An Epic Scale

Mussorgsky’s epic masterpiece, “Khovanshchina,” like its predecessor “Boris Godunov,” is an exploration into a significant period of Russian history. However, whereas “Boris Godunov” focuses primarily on the individual tragedy of Boris, of a Tsar destroyed from within by his own personal demons, “Khovanshchina” is conceived on a far grander scale, one in which Mussorgsky seeks to lay bare the momentous {…}