Bejun Mehta, Sophie Rennert, Francesca Ascioti & Giuseppina Bridelli Headline Innsbruck Festival of Early Music’s 2022 Season

(Credit: Innsbruck Festival of Early Music official website) The Innsbruck Festival of Early Music has announced its 2022 season, featuring three operas and a number of concerts. For the purpose of this article we will focus on the vocal works. Here is a full slate. Operas  Carl Heinrich Graun’s opera “Silla” spotlights Bejun Mehta, Eleonora Bellocci, Valer Sabadus, Roberta Invernizzi, {…}

Innsbruck Early Music Festival 2021 Review: Pastorelle en Musique

(Photo: Birgit Gufler) Following on from the previous evening’s heavy and unremittingly dark production of Mattheson’s “Boris Goudenow,” the Innsbruck Early Music Festival continued with a fresh, vibrant, and colorful performance of Telemann’s one-act serenata “Pastorelle en Musique,” written between 1713 – 1716, based on Mollière’s “Les Amants magnifiques.” As with “Boris Goudenow” the work was lost and has only {…}

Innsbruck Early Music Festival 2019 Review: Ottone

(Photo:Rupert Larl) Each year Innsbruck’s Early Music Festival stages a Barockoper:Jung production in the inner courtyard of the theological faculty in the city’s university, devoted to showcasing the talents of younger singers, including selected finalists from the previous year’s Cesti competition. This year’s presentation was Handel’s 1719 opera, “Ottone.” The libretto, by Stefano Benedetto Pallavicino and adapted by Nicola Francesco {…}