Q & A: Gregg Kallor on ‘Frankenstein’ and Making a Positive Difference in His First Opera

Gregg Kallor’s “Frankenstein” is commissioned by Arizona Opera and will make its world premiere in October 2023 with performances in Phoenix and Tucson. This opera in two acts; adapted from Mary Shelley’s novel, brings to the surface humanity’s dire need for greater empathy. Composer and librettist Gregg Kallor in collaboration with director Sarah Meyers, dramaturg Cori Ellison and conductor Nicole {…}

Arizona Opera to World Premiere Gregg Kallor’s ‘Frankenstein’

Arizona Opera has announced that it will world premiere Gregg Kallor’s “Frankenstein” as part of the 2023-24 season. Per a press release, Kallor’s opera represents the third commissioned work in Arizona Opera’s history. “The timelessness of Shelley’s novel, combined with Gregg’s compelling score and libretto, will create an impactful opportunity for the opera art form to connect with both long-time devotees {…}

Q & A: Scott Hendricks On Frankenstein, Villains & Singing Modern Repertoire

“Powerful,” “lyrical,” “energetic,” “confident” and versatile” are some of the words that have been used to describe Scott Hendrick’s artistry throughout the years. The Texan baritone has emerged as one of the most versatile singers in the industry, balancing a career between the traditional repertoire and performing modern masterpieces and multiple world premieres. He has sung anything from John Adams {…}