Arizona Opera to Present World Premiere of ‘Frankenstein’

By Francisco Salazar

The Arizona Opera is set to perform the world premiere of Gregg Kallor’s “Frankenstein.”

The opera will be part of the company’s McDougall RED Series and is based on the iconic novel by Mary Shelley. The production will star¬†Edward Parks, Terrence Chin-Loy, Katherine Beck, Gordon Hawkins, Armand Delgado, Andrew Stuckey, Brad Bickhardt, Melissa Solomon, and Chelsea Rose Neiss.

Clinton Smith conducts the production by Sarah Ina Meyers.

“Frankenstein” is set to open on Oct. 13 and run through Oct. 21, 2023. The opera will be presented in Phoenix at the Herberger Theater Center and in Tucson at the Temple of Music and Art.