Local Students to Take Part in Blackwater Valley Opera Festival Opening Ceremony

Over 100 local primary school students will perform at the Blackwater Valley Opera Festival’s Official Opening Ceremony in Millenium Park Lismore for the first time in the festival’s history. Their performance is the culmination of a six-week education outreach program run by the festival in conjunction with Music Generation Waterford tutors Anita Mahon and Conor Clancy. For two months weekly {…}

Q & A: Sarah Baxter On Her Forthcoming Production of ‘Macbeth’ At Blackwater Valley Opera Festival

The end of this month sees the start of Ireland’s Blackwater Valley Opera Festival, which this year will be performing Verdi’s “Macbeth.” The staging will take place in the grounds of Lismore Castle, the perfect backdrop for evoking the atmosphere of murder, treachery and ghostly interventions, set within the walls of Inverness and Dusinane castles. The director bringing this to {…}

Q & A: Dieter Kaegi On The Blackwater Valley Opera Festival’s Emergence & Direction

During early June, tucked away in the Blackwater Valley in Ireland’s southeast, the small town of Lismore plays host to Ireland’s other opera festival. Not nearly as famous as the Wexford Festival, the Blackwater Valley Opera Festival has been slowly developing its profile, and attracting the attention of a wider public, although it still remains relatively unknown outside Ireland. This {…}