Stephen Gould Cancels Participation at Bayreuth Festival

By Francisco Salazar

Stephen Gould has canceled his participation at the Bayreuth Festival.

The company said that Gould has had to cancel this year’s Bayreuth Festival on urgent medical advice.

As a result, Andreas Schager will sing the role of Siegfried in “Götterdämmerung” while Clay Hilley will sing the title role in “Tristan und Isolde.” Finally, Klaus-Florian Vogt will sing the title role of “Tannhäuser.”

Schager joins a cast that includes Michael Kupfer-Radecky, Olafur Sigurdarson, Mika Kares, and Catherine Foster while Hilley will sing alongside Georg Zeppenfeld, Catherine Foster, Markus Eiche, and Christa Mayer. Finally, Vogt will join Günther Groissböck, Markus Eiche, Olafur Sigurdarson, Elisabeth Teige, and Ekaterina Gubanova.