Spoleto Festival USA Announces New ‘Pay What You Will’ Ticket Program

By Francisco Salazar

The Spoleto Festival USA has announced a new program entitled “Pay What You Will” ticket pricing.

General Director & CEO Mena Mark Hanna noted that the program was created with an aim to welcome new audience members to Spoleto this season. Patrons will be able to purchase tickets for a price they determine (at a minimum of $5 per ticket to cover fees) across more than 25 performances—one-quarter of Spoleto offerings.

In a statement, Hanna said, “As Charleston continues to grow rapidly, we want to ensure that the arts serve as a connective tissue across our community. By lowering one barrier to entry, we hope to create a culture of belonging that welcomes curious new audience members. Our doors are open.”

The new program is made possible by the financial support of a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous and relies on philanthropic funding to cover more than half of its general operating costs.

The “Pay What You Will” ticket program will run in congruence with Spoleto’s longstanding Open Stage Door program, which offers more than 600 complimentary tickets annually to community-based nonprofits, such as the Jenkins Institute for Children, My Sister’s House, Our Lady of Mercy Outreach, and We Are Family.