Sonya Yoncheva Releases Her First Book

By Francisco Salazar

Sonya Yoncheva has announced her first book “Fifteen Mirrors.”

A statement, via social media, notes “For her first book, Sonya Yoncheva has chosen fifteen iconic opera characters – most of them roles from her repertoire, extraordinary women she performed on stage and others who inhabit her thoughts and dreams. For each of these 15 roles, you will find five photos and a text with Sonya’s thoughts and insights about the parts.”

Yoncheva added, “This book will tell you more about my inner world than any autobiography possibly could.”

The book is the latest release from Yoncheva’s company SY11 Events. She first released her latest album “The Courtesan” via the company. The book is now available in Bulgarian and will be in English on May 15.