Sonya Yoncheva Announces Changes to Her Social Media

By Francisco Salazar

Sonya Yoncheva has announced that her team will manage all her social media platforms.

The soprano took to Twitter and said, “from today, 27th of March all social media channels of Sonya Yoncheva will be exclusively managed by her team. If you would like to address a personal message to Mrs. Yoncheva, please use the platform on her website.”

The news comes after Yoncheva criticized New York Times critic Zachary Woolfe for his toxic review of her “Norma” performances. Woolfe pinned Angel Blue and Yoncheva against one another and said, “Two Operas, Two Sopranos, Two Very Different Impacts.” He added, “Sonya Yoncheva doesn’t fill out the long lines of ‘Norma’ at the Met, while Angel Blue is a warm, sincere Violetta in ‘La Traviata.’”

She later went on to use the phrase “vocal racists,” which created a backlash among her followers.

Yoncheva canceled the last three performances of “Norma,” which she was singing at the Metropolitan Opera.