Romanian National Opera Kicks off Sixth Edition of Opera Aperta International Festival

By David Salazar

The Romanian National Opera has kicked off the sixth edition of its Opera Aperta International Festival.

The outdoor showcase will include such performances as “Ride in Harmony,” which presents motorcycles and soloist-bikers on stage. The soloists include Florin Estefan, Diana Țugui, Iulia Merca, Cristian Mogoșan and Simonfi Sandor; they will be accompanied by pianist Mihai Diaconescu.

Moreover, audiences are invited to bring their own motorbikes to the show.

The company also announced that it would be launching its own brand of merchandise as created by designer Ovidiu Pop.

“With a modern approach, full of humor and a touch of (self)irony, the product line is exactly in the spirit of the Opera Aperta festival, an event we created to bring people closer to this form of art. Opera music is not elitist, the stories in the librettos are as relevant today as they were a century ago. We hope these products will make opera lovers and others curious and encourage them to discover more,” said Cristian Avram, the company’s Marketing Director, in an official press statement.

The festival runs from June 29 – July 3, 2022.