Queen Elisabeth Competition Announces 2023 Winner

By Francisco Salazar

The Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels has announced its 2023 winners.

The first prize went to baritone Taehan Kim from Korea with an award of €25.000. Meanwhile, the Second Prize of €20.000 went to Jasmin White from the US. The Third Prize of €17.000 pf Russia/Germany went to Julia Muzychenko-Greenhalgh and the fourth prize of €12.500 was awarded to Floriane Hasler of France.

The fifth prize of €10.000 went to Korean bass Inho Jeong and the sixth prize €8.000 went to Juliette Mey from France

The laureates were Fleuranne Brockway, Daniel Gwon, Anna-Sophie Neher, Carole-Anne Roussel, Sílvia Sequeira, and Maria Warenberg.