Pittsburgh Opera Unveils New Member of Board of Directors

By David Salazar

The Pittsburgh Opera has announced that Lydia Contis, M.D. will join its Board of Directors.

Contis is a founding member and Executive Director of Imaging for Medical Cytometrix. She is also a board-certified hematopathologist who has worked in the Department of Pathology at UPMC Presbyterian.

Other members of the Board of Directors include James R. Agras, Saad Aslam, David M. Belczyk, Esq., Brian Binkley, François J. Bitz, Kenneth S. Brand, Marilyn Bruschi, Lisa M. Cibik, M.D., Virginia DiPucci, Anna P. Futrell, Alexandra M. Good, Esq., Bill Hillgrove, Robert A. James, Thomas James III, M.D., Arthur J. Kerr, Jr., Cindy Kerr, Dena LaMar, Martin LaMar, Amy Michaliszyn, Abby Morrison, Steve Mosites, Jr., Morgan K. O’Brien, Richard A. Pagliari, Demetrios T. Patrinos, William Poller, M.D., Gabriela A. Porges., Mildred Miller Posvar, Jamy P. Rankin, Diana Reid, Anthony Rutigliano, Sharon Enos-Sclabassi, Ph.D., Steven D. Seibert, David J. Smith, Gene Sachs Smith, Hon. Manny H. Smith, Celia A. Soehner, Esq., John Tippins, John E. Traina, Nancy Traina, and H. Woodruff Turner, Esq.

“It is always gratifying when a long-time opera fan and supporter takes the next step and joins our Board,” Pittsburgh Opera Board Chair Michele Fabrizi said in a press release. “Lydia is a tremendous addition to Pittsburgh Opera, and we are thrilled to have her.”