Opera Philadelphia to Present Filmed Version of ‘La Voix Humaine’

By Logan Martell

On Sept. 24, 2021, Opera Philadelphia will present a new filmed adaptation of Poulenc’s “La Voix Humaine.”

The filmed version will star soprano Patricia Racette, who has garnered acclaim for her interpretation in past productions. The film is directed by James Darrah who directed and produced Opera Philadelphia’s filmed version of David T. Little’s “Soldier Songs,” Boston Lyric Opera’s “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and digital projects with LA Opera and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Christopher Allen serves as music director and pianist, with costume design by Chrisi Karvonides, production design by Tony Fanning, and editing by Adam Larsen.

“’La voix humaine’ is absolutely perfect for the language of cinema,” Racette said. “The ability to look into the psyche of this character and offer a level of nuance that perhaps might go unnoticed on the stage but certainly is amplified and celebrated through the lens is very exciting. It’s what we need in this art form, it’s what we need in this world, to be able to really immerse ourselves in the detail of these stories without any sort of a barrier.”

The film will be available to rent and will stream via the Opera Philadelphia Channel, with unlimited viewing for those with an annual Channel Pass.