American Opera Project to Present 2024 Edition of ‘First Glimpse: Songs from the Great Room’

By David Salazar

The American Opera Project’s fellowship program, Composers & the Voice, is set to present its 2024 edition of “First Glimpse: Songs from the Great Room.”

This year’s edition features a program of music by composer fellows Joshua Brown, Kervy Delcy, JL Marlor, Joy Redmond, Kavita Shah, LJ White, and the librettists fellows are Andi Lee Carter, Aiden K. Feltkamp, Anita Gonzalez, and Melisa Tien.

Performers include Natalie Trumm, MaKayla McDonald, Ilene Pabon, Brian Jeffers, Phillip Bullock, and Hans Tashjian. Music directors include Mila Henry, Kelly Horsted, Emma Luyendijk, and Kyle P. Walker.

The performances are scheduled for May 17 and 18 at the Great Room in Brooklyn, NY. The program has a duration of two and a half hours.