Opéra de Paris to Launch ‘aria’ Website

By David Salazar

The Opéra de Paris is set to launch “aria,” a new mobile site, aimed at those who want to learn more about opera and the performing arts.

The app, which is set to launch on April 9, 2020, was made with support from Huawei and its partner Keyrus.

Per a press release, “aria” employs artificial intelligence to dialogue with users and provide them with differing types of media content that will allow them to immerse themselves in the worlds of opera and ballet. Users will learn about the different steps ballet dancers employ, as well as how different instruments in the orchestra function. Users will also get a chance to go backstage.

It also approaches the art forms in the context of cinema and literature as well as more popular media and pop culture.

The app will be available worldwide in French and English here.