Welsh National Opera to Present Eco-Friendly Production

By Francisco Salazar

Welsh National Opera has announced it will showcase the Company’s award-winning Youth Opera in “The Very Last Green Thing,” an eco-friendly musical performance.

The production’s props and costumes will consist of various recycled materials with many items being previously owned or repurposed from older productions.

The production will be directed by Rhian Hutchings and designed by Designer Greta Baxter, and follows a group of school children and their android teacher as they embark on a trip outdoors in the year 2423.

Baxter considered an eco-friendly production from the outset of her design process and said, “‘It’s important to me to avoid single use when it comes to my designs. With both set and costume, the main factor has been to source as many second-hand materials as possible, whether this be through sourcing items from charity shops or repurposing set and costume from old shows.”

Regarding her experience with the WNO, she said, “It’s been wonderful, having graduated just last Summer, to now be working with WNO and experiencing what it’s like to design for Opera. It’s been great to see everything I’ve been taught come to good use in a professional job, as well as being able to collaborate and meet with talented individuals.”