New Camerata Opera Launches Virtual Concert in Support of Black Lives Matter

By David Salazar

On July 5, 2020, New Camerata Opera performed a virtual concert in support of Black Lives Matter.

The organization has now released the video online with the aim of providing direct support to communities affected by ongoing racial injustice through KNOW YOUR RIGHTS CAMP.

“The shocking brutality and racism of the US justice system has come to light yet again. We have all been moved to action by the recent events in Minneapolis and around the country. NCO has chosen this charity to provide direct help in the communities where it is most needed, and to work for real change for a better future. 100% of the funds collected by NCO for this concert will be donated to this important organization,” says the fundraiser’s official Facebook page.

Among those performing in the concert are Patrick Dailey, Mithuna Sivaraman, Steve Wallace, Linda Collazo, Erik Bagger, Jay Lucas Chacon, Elle Crawford, Shawn Farrar, and Emily Hughes, among many others.

Watch the performance below.