Music of Remembrance to Tour Jake Heggie & Gene Scheer Double Bill

By David Salazar

Music of Remembrance is set to tour Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer’s double bill throughout the U.S. this Spring.

“Another Sunrise” and “For a Look or a Touch” will get performances in Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago throughout May.

First up is a stop at Benaroya Hall in Seattle on May 21. That will be followed up by a performance at the Presidio Theatre in San Francisco on May 24, with the tour concluding at the Athenaeum Center for Thought and Culture in Chicago on May 27 and 28, 2023.

“Another Sunrise” stars Caitlin Lynch, while “For a Look or a Touch” features Ryan McKinny and Curt Branom.

Joseph Mechavich conducts an ensemble featuring such instrumentalists as DeMarre McGill, Laura DeLuca, Mikhail Shmidt, Walter Gray, Jonathan Green, and Jessica Choe.

Eric Parce directs, and Peter Crompton is the media designer.

“Music of Remembrance has been central and essential to my creative life as a composer for the past 17 years,” said composer Jake Heggie in an official press statement. “Being able to explore and share surprising perspectives and unknown stories has affected every aspect of my work. Gene Scheer and I have grown tremendously as artists and as human beings thanks to Mina Miller’s vision and determination.”