Michael Chioldi Speaks Out Regarding Chautauqua Opera’s Financial Crisis

By Francisco Salazar

Michael Chioldi is asking audience members for Chautauqua Opera testimonials following the announcement that the opera company announced its was struggling financially.

In a statement via social media, the baritone said, “Good morning everyone in FB Land. I am writing this morning with an urgent request as another one of our beloved institutions is in grave danger of being severely diminished. If you have not heard, the Board of Directors of The Chautauqua Institute has decided to cut The Chautauqua Opera in a very severe way. I am investigating with the help of several others who consider this an essential art form and have come through or have had some connection with the Chautauqua Opera. In the meantime, there is a form that you can fill out. I will try and update everyone asap. We are of course considering fundraising and all of the usual things where money and awareness are concerned. However, the board may not be interested. Please share this and help get the word out.”

Here is the form you can fill out.

The statement comes after the organization announced that it would engage with a “new model [that] will have no major productions presented at Norton Hall, which was the home of Chautauqua Opera.” Additionally, the organization noted that the full transition would be in 2025 and that the 2024 season would have a reduced slate.