Long Beach Opera Cancels ‘STIMMUNG’

By Francisco Salazar

The Long Beach Opera in California has announced the cancellation of all performances of its production of “STIMMUNG.”

The work, which was slated to be performed between March 19 and 27, 2022, was canceled after three LBO staff members resigned, expressing concern about the organization’s internal communications, work environment, and issues related to equity and diversity.

According to a press release, “LBO’s Board and leadership team members were shocked and dismayed by these allegations as they are in direct opposition to our individual and collective values. LBO immediately took action to investigate and address the allegations.”

According to the press release, when the staff members brought their concerns to LBO, they made their resignations effective at future dates. LBO supported the staffer’s decisions and attempted to support them in their projects. Rehearsals for “STIMMUNG” began in January but on March 10, 2022, one of the staff members who had resigned and was also serving as the director of “STIMMUNG,” then resigned from the production.

As a result, after consulting with the performing artists, LBO determined that it would not be appropriate or possible to continue the project without the director’s participation.

Because the project was fully financed and rehearsed, the company will compensate all the artists for their work preparing the project.

In response to the allegations, the Board hired an independent investigator to conduct a thorough investigation of the issues raised and the investigator has spent the past two months interviewing LBO’s current and former staff members, along with Board members and independent contractor artists. The investigation is slated to conclude in a matter of weeks, and the results will be made public. LBO has also hired an independent HR firm to address staff issues and to make certain a neutral channel is available for any complaints.

All ticket holders for “STIMMUNG” will receive refunds or credits.