Lisette Oropesa Releases First Single to Debut Album

By Francisco Salazar

Lisette Oropesa has dropped the first single from her upcoming album “Ombra Compagna.”

The single “Sol nascente” from her new Mozart album will be available on all platforms. The music video will first be available on Apple Music before dropping on other platforms.

Oropesa’s debut album with San Francisco Classical Recording Company is set to be released on May 7 with an early Pre-Release on April 23 on native DSD music, a music platform exclusively for very high-fidelity recordings. The new album will feature 10 concert arias by Mozart and features Antonello Manacorda conducting il pomo d’oro.

Oropesa is currently recording her second album featuring Bel Canto arias and is set to present a Bel Canto concert alongside Xabier Anduaga and Antonio Pappano.


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