Latonia Moore to Honor Dorothy Maynor at Harlem School of the Arts Celebration

By David Salazar

Latonia Moore will honor Dorothy Maynor during a celebration at the Harlem School of Arts on Feb. 8, 2024.

The showcase, which kicks off the celebration of Harlem School of the Arts’ 60th anniversary, will feature works that Maynor, the founder the institution, performed throughout her own musical career as a soprano. Additionally, attendees will withness the work of numerous students from various departments at the institution.

“This is an exciting moment and a new chapter for this historic institution as it turns 60, and what better way to launch the celebration but with someone as divinely gifted as Ms. Maynor – Latonia Moore,” said James C. Horton, President of HSA, in an official press statement. “These two women are connected on so many levels. We are honored to have Ms. Moore as a friend of our organization. Having her give of her time and talent leaves us all speechless.”

The program is free to attend.