LA Opera Welcomes Three Board Of Directors

By Francisco Salazar

Patricia Artigas, Lauren B. Leichtman, and Sean V. Madnani have been elected to the LA Opera board of directors at a recent meeting.

Patricia Artigas is a retired partner at Capital Research Global Company, a subsidiary of the Capital Group Companies, where she worked for 22 years as an investment professional, with a focus in Emerging Markets.

Meanwhile, Lauren B. Leichtman  previously served as a member of the board from 1998 to 2012 and she was one of the leaders in establishing the Producing Partners, a program designed to build LA Opera’s inventory of new productions.

Sean V. Madnani is a philanthropist and enthusiastic supporter of the performing arts and was formerly a member of the San Francisco Ballet’s Christensen Society and also served on the board of directors of the Boch Performing Arts Center in Boston, where he remains a benefactor.

In a press release General Director Plácido Domingo said, “I am very happy to welcome these highly accomplished leaders to our board, and I look forward to collaborating closely with them in seasons to come. I have no doubt that their leadership will prove invaluable as we create exciting new paths for LA Opera’s future.”