Karel Mark Chichon Cleared of Harassment Charges

By Francisco Salazar

The Government of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, owners of the Orquesta Filarmonica de Gran Canaria, has cleared conductor Karel Mark Chichon of harassment charges.

The government ended the investigation after the ECIJA ABOGADOS, one of the leading law firms in Spain, found no grounds for said harassment allegations by Head of production Isabel Turienzo.

According to the investigation, Chichon never acted incorrectly on that basis.

In December 2020 Turienzo filed a lawsuit for workplace harassment against Chichon, requesting compensation of 100,000 euros for “violation of fundamental rights, lack of effective employment and professional discredit.” The Orquesta Filarmonica de Gran Canaria was considering his removal from his position as Chief Conductor and Artistic Director.