Isata Kanneh-Mason to be Featured in Universal Music Group’s Documentary ‘Fanny: The Other Mendelssohn’

By Logan Martell

Universal Music Group’s Mercury Studios has announced a feature documentary titled “Fanny: The Other Mendelssohn,” featuring Isata Kanneh-Mason.

Directed by the composer’s thrice-great granddaughter, BAFTA-winning filmmaker Sheila Hayman, the documentary stars Decca artist Kanneh-Mason, recipient of the 2021 Leonard Bernstein Award and the 2021 best classical artist at the Global Awards, as she interprets the work of Fanny Mendelssohn. The work focuses on Mendelssohn’s “Easter Sonata,” initially thought to be a composition by Felix, but in 2010 revealed to be one of her own.

In a press release, Alice Webb, CEO and Co-President of Mercury Studios stated, “Although Fanny Mendelssohn is a woman of the 19th century, her story is unbelievably modern and more relevant today than ever. Mercury is proud to shine a light on her, especially through the lens of Fanny’s great great great granddaughter, Sheila Hayman. And witnessing Isata Kanneh-Mason, one of today’s brightest new artists, interpret Fanny’s work for the screen is thrilling. I suspect “Fanny: The Other Mendelssohn” will inspire whole new generations of music lovers.”

The film was shot in New York, Berlin, London, Oxford, and Buckingham Palace. Mercury Studios’ Alice Webb, Marc Robinson, Steve Condie, Annabel Hobley, and Maureen Murray serve as executive producers, with Hayman as producer and Evie Franks as editor.