Gustavo Dudamel Teams Up with María Valverde for Documentary ‘El Canto de Las Manos’

By Francisco Salazar

Spanish actress and director María Valverde and conductor Gustavo Dudamel are making “El Canto de las Manos.”

Deadline is reporting that the duo will make a feature documentary that tells the story behind a deaf choir’s unique production of the Beethoven opera “Fidelio.”

Valverde will direct the doc and DJ Kurs, Artistic Director of the acclaimed Deaf West Theatre company will be an exec producer. Valverde and Dudamel’s Quinchoncho label, alongside Forty Entertainment will produce.

El Canto de las Manos” takes place after the 2022 production and before the recent tour and follows members of Coro de Manos Blancas who take on the challenge of preparing for, and starring in, a production of “Fidelio” in Caracas, Venezuela. The documentary will focus on three members of the choir, Jennifer González, Gabriel Linarez and José Gabriel Abarca, following their daily lives as they take on the challenge of learning to perform at a world class level.

In a statement, Dudamel told Deadline, “This documentary reflects the depth and significance of a unique project, the interpretation of Beethoven’s only opera in sign language. It is a journey of transformation, empathy, difficulties, challenges, love and encounters. The vindication of an isolated and undervalued community through the most sublime human expression, art.”

The documentary was shot in Caracas and LA and is set to open in festivals.