Greek National Opera Presents Online Premiere of Unique ‘Nozze di Figaro’

By David Salazar

The Greek National Opera has premiered a broadcast of “Le Nozze di Figaro on its official GNO TV streaming platform.

The opera stars Dmitri Platanias, Cellia Costea, Dionysios Sourbis, Aprhrodite Patoulidou, and Miranda Makrynioti, Marissia Papalexious, Yannis Yannissis, Christos Kechris, Yannis Kalyvas, Marilena Striftobola, and Kostis Rassidakis. The production, which was directed by Alexandros Efkleidis, reimagines the masterwork as taking place on a film set.

“The idea that inspired this new staging of ‘Le nozze di Figaro’ comes from the stage capabilities of the GNO Stavros Niarchos Hall at the SNFCC,” Efkleidis said in a press statement. An unusually elongated set that is 35 metres (115 feet) long represents eight rooms in Count Almaviva’s mansion, which alternate with the help of a revolving stage mechanism, offering them a glimpse of various moments from the characters’ daily life. Additionally, it is a work that, following the famous Aristotelian rules of the three unities, unfolds over the course of one day and inside the same house. The challenge arising from this special staging is to expand the work’s narrative context and explain the characters’ motives in an effort to emphasize Mozart’s rich and complex musico-theatrical characterization.”

Audiences are available to stream the production starting today through Dec. 31, 2021.